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septemper 2019


English Magazine September 2019

African diasporas play an important role in the economic development of their countries of origin.
Beyond their well-known role as remitters, they also promote trade and direct investment, create businesses, stimulate entrepreneurship and transfer new knowledge and skills.

Africa being an important market for business opportunities and development. these opportunities are often underutilized due to several factors, including the limited knowledge of investors and entrepreneurs about business opportunities, the business climate, the lack of opportunities for exchange between economic operators, limited marketing distributing unreliable information on comparative advantages to convince entrepreneurs and investors to seize these opportunities.

That’s why Awakening Africa magazine strives to encourage and promote the entrepreneurial spirit of African diaspora and influential people to contribute to Africa’s development.

We offer quarterly economic, social and cultural information to help our readers better understand current news, potential and business opportunities in Africa.

As we are building a strong African community, we strive to awaken, empower, promote and strengthen the business and economic relationships among business people operating in Africa, America and the rest of the world,  Thus creating shared prosperity, mutual trust and collective encouragement for public-private partnerships leading to the development of prosperous and sustainable economic initiatives between Africa and the rest of the world.

We encourage the evolution of thoughts towards emergence.

to each of us to work for a united, strong and prosperous Africa.


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