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May 2020


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The COVID 19 virus, which was first discovered in Wuhan China is now causing alarming numbers of deaths all over the world.

Even though the World Health Organization (WHO) has provided information about the virus, proving that it is preventable and that it can only be fatal for senior citizens and people with compromised immune systems, fear, anxiety and panic has engulfed people all over the world.

The first case of Corona Virus infected patient in Africa was reported in Egypt in February 2020.  Since then, the infection has spread rapidly to other parts of Africa with the numbers of infected cases and deaths increasing by the day. This has put to test the preparedness of Africa to deal with pandemics and disastrous situations.

Many governments have had to shut down operations and advise its citizens to remain indoors as a measure to combat the disease. As a result, prices of services and commodities have hiked and significantly affected the economy.

It is important that we observe the advisory of WHO if we are to successfully deal with this pandemic. Only leave your house when it’s necessary, take care and provide for the elderly from a safe distance, wash your hands, sanitize, be your brother’s keeper.

At this time, it is more important for us to be humane towards each other than it is to gain economically. It is a time for the world to set aside its differences and join heads to find a solution to this universal problem. The crunching economy is a huddle we will have to cross together after dealing with this life-threatening pandemic.

In this issue of Awakening Africa Magazine, we look at how this disease has affected our economy. Among others, we also delve deeper into why up to date Intra Africa trade is slow to take off and what the women of Africa are doing to boost the economy in their own small ways.


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