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December 2020

This year, many lives have been flipped upside down.
Not only have many people lost their lives due to the ongoing pandemic, but people all over the globe have also lost their sources of income or have had to adjust to new and favorable lifestyles.

As we approach the end of the year, we are all hopeful for a better new year, a year where we can recover economically, socially but most importantly medically.
This publication will focus on the events of the year 2020
We will explore how rapid e-commerce and digital platforms have played a key role in businesses this year.

We will take a keen look at businesses that have flopped and those that have sailed above the storm.
Innovative business startups have also been on the rise this year; we will be exploring how they have managed to strive under the circumstances.

We must admit that racial biases are a problem that must be addressed head-on. We must learn from the past and embrace the future with a positive mind. Human dignity must be upheld despite race, gender, or status quo.

Finally, this year has also brought with it a financial crush. Industries have shut down and other recorded losses, causing a ripple effect to retailers and end-users.
We must address the state of the economy not only in the USA but in the world.
We must acknowledge the smallest win as much as the greatest losses.

We will keenly be analyzing how governments have remained afloat and how they have fought to reopen various economies at such desperate times.

May this issue of Awakening Africa Magazine give you a new hope and bring you to the realization that despite the struggle, it is not over.

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